Founded in 1980 James Clifford Construction has established an enviable track record for quality projects, particularly in the hospitality industry.

Whilst the company undertakes work across a range of industries, its reputation in hospitality construction has provided the business with an ongoing fl ow of repeat business and referral work.

The success of the business lies in the goodwill with which we approach each and every project. We recognise that all stakeholders in a project have their own objectives and we work cooperatively to ensure they are realised.

End users expect the building will function as it was intended, that the finishes are durable, the build quality is high and that the building services are effi cient and easily maintained.

The operators of premises under renovation expect the highest level of cooperation and professionalism to ensure their business is not unduly disrupted and that their staff and patrons are safe and protected from any adverse impact of the building process.

Architects and other design consultants expect the integrity of the design to be protected, for the builder to offer practical and innovative ideas, for the problems to be identified early and resolved ahead of time.

The culture of the Company ensures these outcomes. Cooperation, accountability and respect for all members of the project team are core values that our people work by.

The following pages outline our services and provide a few examples of our work.

Working with James Clifford Construction you are assured that our work will meet or exceed your expectations from start to finish.

It’s not just what we do,
it’s become who we are.


James Clifford construction operates management systems for quality assurance, environmental management and occupational health and safety which meets the requirements of the following standards.